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What is Christianity All About? Its History, Beliefs, and Practices

ChristianityAuthor, John E. Schwarz

"John Schwarz Rights as a layman so other Lay people can understand. This is a good read for people who want to know what the Bible is all about and Jesus relevance to the modern world"  --Tony Campolo

248 pages


This book is a great introduction guide to those who are seeking to better understand the history, beliefs and practices of Christianity.

 Accessible and readable for both those new to the faith or those seeing a better understanding. 


John Schwarz’s book, What’s Christianity All About?, is a good overview of the Bible and the biblical story and offers some guidance for Christian Living. For those who are curious about Christianity and the desire to understand it better, this book is a great place to begin.  

 – N.T. (Tom) Wright. Research Professor, University of Sat. Andrews


Leader, discussion guides and DVD also available. 


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