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Little Oslo

Little Oslo

 Author, Bill White

282 pages

Hard Cover $24.00

In the summer of 1952, seventeen-year-old Jake finds himself starring on the Wahissa city baseball team and working at Little Oslo, where the locals gather each day for breakfast, lunch, and the latest buzz.

Unexpectedly he ends up in the middle of several mysterious, unsolved brutal beatings. Fueled by a sense of compassion, Jake and his girlfriend, Candy, are drawn into the mystery and begin to uncover details of the beatings. Soon theories on the perpetrator, dubbed Superman, begin to emerge.

From Jake’s vantage point at Little Oslo and with information gleaned rom their investigation, Jake believes he can identify Superman. But without proof, who will listen?

During the summer, Jake is confronted with challenges of racism, relationships, and love. Through his faith, friends, and family, he begins to discover answers—and in doing so, touches the lives of many in the small town of Wahissa, at a restaurant known as Little Oslo.


I was totally hooked by page six. White has written an honest and moving account of people and places he clearly knows and loves. This small-town story is at once hilarious and poignant. It rings true with the intricacies of baseball, racism, redemption, first love—and a mystery you can really sink your teeth into. I laughed and I criedand I cheered for Jake. White has reminded me what reading a novel should feel like.
--Bill Wilson, Executive Producer, The Santa Clause Films


I have published several books, and publishing with Bill Huff was by far the most satisfying book publishing experience I've had. He makes a real effort to balance the author's gifts with the needs of the target audience. His suggestions for product development are well-founded and offered in a dignified manner. His assistance was outstanding at every stage of the process.

Jim Merhaut
Founder and Director, Coaching Connext