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My Friend Jonah

by Herb Chilstrom 
Forward by U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar

My Friend Jonah Cover88 pages


My Friend Jonah
Available 10/1/2014

During my 80+ years I’ve written thousands of lectures, sermons, opinion pieces, a few books, and many other items on a variety of subjects. If someone had suggested that I’d add a book on dogs I’d have been amused.

So how did it come about? As dog lovers know, we get intensely attached to these canine friends. Some of us even regard our dogs as God’s special gifts. Little wonder that we grieve deeply when they die. Even those seldom given to showing much emotion are surprised to find hot tears streaming down their cheeks when they say good-bye.

Jonah, this book’s main character, was our companion for more than seventeen years. When he died I decided that a good way to deal with my sadness was to write about him. Page after page, amid many laughs and tears, words poured out.

That led me to recall the pleasure and pain I experienced with four other dogs that had been part of my life. Soon I found I had written another book!

This volume is my gift to all who have known the unconditional love of a dog. If you laugh, if you cry, it will have been worth the effort. 

Herb Chilstrom


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