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Grace Happens Again

Grace happens Again



100 pages
Available October 31, 2014

Featuring cartoons, artwork and humor of Pastor Raymond G. Johnson. With reflections 
by Chaplain Don Knudson.

This book is a labor of love to share with you the work of Pastor Raymond G. Johnson, who delighted many with his cartoons, humor and artwork.  The author and Ray Johnson were Lutheran pastors who found themselves living with the sickness of depression in the middle of their lives.  Out of common struggle, they formed a bond as brothers for support and mutual understanding.  After Ray Johnson's unexpected and untimely death, his funeral drew other pastors together who had been seminary classmates.  They decided to meet monthly for their own mutual support and friendship.  This group and the author continued conversation through the intervening years leading finally to the release of this book.  Ray's work and life is cherished by all who knew him.  Now through this book you can share in his story of wit, wisdom and struggle. 


I have published several books, and publishing with Bill Huff was by far the most satisfying book publishing experience I've had. He makes a real effort to balance the author's gifts with the needs of the target audience. His suggestions for product development are well-founded and offered in a dignified manner. His assistance was outstanding at every stage of the process.

Jim Merhaut
Founder and Director, Coaching Connext