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Dreams Of My Mothers

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~ Hard Bound 344 pages. 

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Dreams Of My Mothers

Based on a true story, Dreams of My Mothers is a powerful account of a boy coming of age, but it is ultimately a story of the redemption and triumph of two women—mothers from the opposite ends of the world and the human condition. Their love for the same child takes them beyond the brink of their personal tragedies and pain to find transformation and life missions they could not have imagined. 

Author Joel Peterson gives us a vivid and gripping story of a biracial, impoverished boy who, through the transcendent love of his mothers, rises above questions of identity, race, physical limitations and prejudice to become a unique American success story. It touches on all the issues of who we are—as a people, as a nation, and as individuals. Dreams of My Mothers is a story particular to one person, but relevant to all. It is American, yet global. It is a story that is intensely personal, yet universal in its themes and humanness.

The individual stories engage you and the emotions engulf you. The scenes are keenly tangible and the triumphs are real. 

Early Reviews

"Only once or twice a year does a book come along that makes me set aside priorities and stay up late into the night reading it in one sitting. I literally could not put this book down. The underlying events of the story are phenomenal and would be an excellent book on their own, but what sets this book apart is how amazingly well-written it is, not only in its very creative organization and storytelling, but also in its prose – which is more like poetry that touches the heart and soul of the reader – and keeps the reader asking, 'What happens next?' I give it my strongest, highest recommendation and know it will be a runaway bestseller!"   

Sheri Stevenson

"Dreams of My Mothers is absolutely captivating, a novel based on true events from the life stories of both of the author’s birth and adoptive mothers, deftly interwoven with events from his own. Exquisitely, often painfully, highlighting the joyful as well as the tortured moments of their individual journeys of searing loss, exceptional love and ultimate redemption, the book’s story travels along the boundaries where all our narratives meet, and completely drew me into places I could not possibly have imagined. Once begun, I simply could not put it down....The writing is simply stunning. The story itself is singular and unique, and the way the author tells it is gripping, suspenseful, and engrossing. But the way he writes is exceptionally beautiful. Dreams of My Mothers will be a book that you will want to own and re-read. And its story and themes will stay with you."

Forward Review's 2015 INDIEFAB book of the year award winner


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