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Do you feel as old as you are?

Are YouAnne Simpson


In a society that is ashamed of aging and afraid of death, Anne Simpson and her granddaughter explore questions that most of us are too fearful or too polite to ask.  Through poetry and vignettes, with family and friends, Anne opens a conversation that she hopes will include the reader and ripple out to different generations.


Anne Simpson is an eighty-year-old woman who has raised a blended family, has been a farmer, teacher, care giver and poet.  Her work has been published in several anthologies including Bound Together Like the Grasses which was written with her writing group and won the Northeastern Minnesota book award for poetry in 2013.

Anne, with with her late husband Bob, also co-authored a book titled Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer's: A guide in Two Voices.  Later, she adapted this into a curriculum.  Anne now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota near her family and "old" friends.


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Jim Merhaut
Founder and Director, Coaching Connext