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The Price of Being Alive: A Fresh Way of Understanding Suffering.

Author, R. Landis Coffman, Jr. 


This profound yet simple book, The Price of Being Alive helps to answer age-old questions!


If you have ever asked why God lets people suffer, if you have ever asked, “Why me?” or if you cannot reconcile the images on the nightly news with the news of God’s love for us, this book will be a helpful read. 


All religions have commented on this certainty of life. Yet all of us continue to search for new ways to understand suffering. Coffman offers a simple yet profound explanation of why suffering exists. He reaches back to the Old Testament and shows us how suffering does not fit with the Biblical interpretation of God. If God is love, if God is just, and if God is one, then why do we suffer? This book throws some retardant on a fire so hot that it damages human hearts and lives.


For anyone looking for an answer to these age-old questions, The Price of Being Alive offers fresh insights and thought.

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Discussion guide also available. 


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