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Publicity Services

Harness the power of the web, newswires, the press, the media, your specific associations and contacts through this or a variation of this publicity package:

  1. Develop press release and electronic media materials to include:
    • A multi-use descriptive flyer about the book
    • Q&A - 8-10 questions written and answered by the author so religion writers can quote without having to actually interview the author..."a story in box" This will give you a chance to highlight parts of the book you think would be of interest to readers and entice them to purchase the book
    • Author bio
    • Endorsements
    • Sample chapter and/or excerpt
  2. Execute a personal e-mail campaign to specified markets, networks, author contact lists, and professional journals offering a gratis copy of the book - seeking feature stories, excerpts, book reviews, and interviews with the author.
  3. Contact religion reporters at major US Newspapers offering gratis review copies.
  4. Contact Religion News Service, Associated Press, United Press International, and Religion News Writers Association offering gratis copies for review
  5. Contact approximately 1500 Christian radio/tv programs offering gratis copies and opportunities for interviews
  6. Work proactively with author's travel schedule hoping to arrange for interviews with local newspapers and radio shows, perhaps arranging for author to speak to local campus groups or do events at campus bookstores.
  7. Send gratis review copies to all who request them. Follow up within 2 weeks with each recipient.
  8. Document all publicity efforts and provide report to publisher and author upon completion of campaign.