All You Need To Know About Fixed Odds Casino Games

All You Need To Know About Fixed Odds Casino Games

The term ‘fixed odds’ pretty much explains itself – it refers to casino titles which always give you the exact same winning chance.

You might think that this could be applied to almost every game, but it is not as simple as it looks. First of all, you need to understand properly what casino odds are. Casino odds are the probability every player has to win some money with a particular game. This leads us to conclusion that fixed odds games are games where the winning chance probability never changes.

Before starting a successful gambling career, you should be able to understand all terms you are unfamiliar with – fixed odds is one of them. For instance, if you want to build your career as a Roulette Player, you should always go with the European Roulette and never the American.

Why you might ask yourself?

Well, the reason why are the odds – the house edge on double zero in American Roulette is 5.26% whereas the European Roulette has 2.7%. The difference might seem insignificant, but in the long run it is not.

How Can You Tell Which Games Have Fixed Odds?

Let us make this easy for all the beginners out there. For example, Roulette is a fixed odds game. How? Well, if you hit the number you bet on you will be paid 35-1 no matter what happens.

However, this could lead people to think that Blackjack is also a fixed odds game (because you win the same amount you invest) but Blackjack is a bit more complicated. When it comes to Blackjack, the probability of beating the dealer is different with every hand you get, which means that Blackjack is not a fixed odds game.

Think of it like this – all games involving reels and spinning wheels are ALWAYS fixed odds games. Cards, on the other hand, are not fixed odds games because of the different probability (every hand you get is different).

Additionally, games with shared winning are not fixed odds games because the collected amount is always different, before and after a player makes a bet.

Some casinos have a special category for fixed odds games , but they are definitely not the only foxed offs games out there. There are plenty of fixed odds games and they can significantly affect your gambling career.

Play Them Or Not?

You should bear in mind that games classified as fixed odds games come with a huge house edge and those should be avoided if you want a successful career. However, there are games with fixed odds which are not a bad choice for beginner. Those games are usually a part of some casino category.

The reason why these games are suitable for beginners are their never-changing winning chances which make decision making a lot easier. You can limit your mistakes to bad wagers and outcomes.

Games without fixed odds require a lot of time and dedication because your every move is often very closely related to the previous one. You need to be 100% focused when you make calculations.

These make-or-break career decisions will get easier as you gain more experience. Terms such as fixed odds, wagering requirements and house edge are only a tiny part of the gambling industry. It does not matter if you plan to make a serious gambling career or play casually, you should know which games have fixed odds and which do not. Of course, knowledge about fixed odd games will significantly improve chances for making a successful gambling career.